Dr. Tarun Kumar Baid

MBBS (North Bengal Medical College),
MD Respiratory Medicine (Sardar Patel Medical College)
DAA (Asthma & Allergy) University of Colorado, USA
IDCCM (Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine)

Consultant Pulmonary Medicine, Asthma, Allergy & Critical Care Medicine

Medical Registration Number
West Bengal Medical Council

West Bengal Medical Council

Registration No: 66207
Dated: 10.07.2010

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Dr. Tarun Kumar Baid

Tips to Keep Your Lungs Healthy

Quit Smoking or Don't Start Avoid Passive Tobacco Smoking Be Physically Active & Maintain Weight Limit Exposure to Outdoor Air Pollution Reduce Indoor Air Pollution Take Precautions Against Seasonal Flu

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Breathe Easy - Avail best treatment from expert pulmonologist in Siliguri.

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Cure Asthma, COPD, Pulmonary Disease.
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  • Find the Right Way to Breathe

    The Lung is essential for our existence; so keeping a good health of this organ is also crucial for everyone. The increasing rate of air pollution & lifestyle factors are intensifying lung diseases. Find the right custodian for them to breathe healthily.

  • Find the Best Lung Care in Siliguri

    The proficiency of your doctor in diagnosing and treating various complex lung ailments gains huge acclaim from people from parts of North Bengal, the adjacent states & neighboring countries.

  • Relied, Acknowledged & Affordable

    With a vast scope of clinical modalities, your pulmonology doctor heals complex respiratory issues, trusted by many patients. Most of our treatment facilities are affordable for all sections of society.


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Lung Cancer Awareness & Smoking Cessation

Lung Cancer Awareness & Smoking Cessation

Lung Cancer Awareness & Smoking Cessation

Lung Cancer Awareness & Smoking Cessation

Lung Cancer Awareness & Smoking Cessation

Lung Cancer Awareness & Smoking Cessation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I know if I have COPD?

Answer :

Symptoms of COPD may vary from patient to patient depending on the progress of the disease. However, the most common symptoms of COPD include chronic cough, unusual mucus production, shortness of breath, and fatigue.

Answer :

At any age. Many children below their 6 might have an asthma attack, while almost half of asthma patients have had their first symptoms by age 10.

Answer :

Inhaler is a device that lets you breathe in medicine and is the main treatment for asthma.

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